About Us

Wings for Warriors is a unique charity, which believes wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women deserve the best opportunities even after military service has ended.

By working with military rehabilitation units, other charities, businesses and the public, our aim is to inspire our wounded warriors to move past injury and achieve new, bright and sustainable futures. Nobody should ever feel like they have already achieved their best, which is why, for our students, the sky is merely the beginning.

In order to move past a life changing injury or illness it is imperative that our veterans continue to work for themselves and not be 'spoon-fed' or simply offered short term projects or challenges. This is why we use the exciting, demanding and sustainable world of commercial aviation as an incentive to keep moving forwards, stop looking backwards and find a means to continue supporting their families for years to come.

Our contribution

Our opportunities require veterans to challenge themselves holistically and places emphasis on physical, psychological and social development.

Over time veterans will re-build their own confidence, capability and pride at the same time as working towards recognised civilian qualifications.

"I'm actually pretty lucky. Getting injured has actually enabled me to pursue my dreams"

Private Christopher Kirk (5 Scots) - Injured IED blast

How We Do It

Thanks to our network of sponsors and supporters we are able to provide commercial flight training opportunities to our veterans completely free of charge.

Our aircraft and classroom facilities have been generously donated by CHC Scotia and our engineers and instructors are all suitably qualified and experienced volunteers. This allows the charity to train a 'wounded warrior' as a professional pilot for just 22% of the cost of training their civilian counterparts, almost certainly making us the cheapest flight training provider anywhere in the world!

'Train Hard, Flight-Easy'

Our graduates must be commercially employable, which means training them to the highest possible standards. We do not specially adapt our aircraft, instead requiring veterans to adapt themselves, overcome their injuries and demonstrate 100% commitment to earning themselves bright new futures where the sky is merely the beginning.

Underwater escape training, 'engine-off landings' and night navigation are all part of the process, not to mention thousands of hours spent studying in the classroom.

Success with us must be earned, which makes it all the more valuable.

To donate simply text WNGS43 to 70070 followed by your donation amount (e.g 'WNGS43 10' would donate £10 pounds)

Working With

Poppy Factory
The MacRobert Trust
Aberdeen Asset Management Charitable Foundation
Household Cavalry Foundation
Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust
Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training